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Tube bundles are an essential part of the HVAC and hydronic system of a commercial facility. They are the heating elements that exchange and transfer energy in the form of heat into the water that is then typically used for either building heat or domestic hot water requirements. Without this critical component, the system wouldn’t work at all—which is why it’s such a big problem if it fails.

It’s important to make sure that your tube bundles are in good working condition if you want to keep the system functioning at optimal levels. If the HVAC tube bundle ruptures or springs a leak, hard water may enter your condensate return system and damage your boiler, or steam could migrate into your hydronic system and create a dangerous environment to the domestic and/or heating systems. Here are a few things to look for if you’re unsure about how to check your tube bundles for damage.



Thanks to our joint venture D’Hondt Friterm Thermal Solutions dedicated to non-API products (fin & tube type heat exchanger), we are able to propose a wide range of equipment for numerous applications in HVAC, Refrigeration and other process cooling industries.

  • General Information for finned pack heat exchanger
  • Hot and Chilled Water Coil
  • Direct Expansion Coil (DX)
  • Condenser Coil
  • Run Around Heat Recovery Coil
  • Steam Coil
  • Special Coils

HVAC-R Coils

Basic Information for finned pack heat exchanger

D’Hondt Friterm Thermal Solutions is a supplier of premium quality custom-made fin & tube heat exchangers for HVAC-R industry & other industrial applications.

The Nation's Premium Supplier Of Engineering Materials And Equipment's

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In case of pump failures or breakdowns, pumping engineering services in Malaysia provide prompt repair and troubleshooting solutions. Skilled technicians diagnose the issues, conduct repairs or replacements, and restore the pump system’s functionality in a timely manner.

Overall, pumping engineering and solution services in Malaysia contribute to the reliable and efficient operation of various industries, ensuring the smooth flow of fluids and supporting the country’s infrastructure and economic growth.

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